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Advantages of choosing us for the security management of your environment

Security Audits

Our security experts accompany you to assess the level of security of applications, websites, servers, WIFI,…. Measuring your security level is essential in order to identify the flaws (vulnerabilities).

Web Security

In order to secure your web space (website, e-commerce platform or online service), we intervene on hosting, access security, data protection and active monitoring 24 hours a day.

Company Security

This concerns the active (cybersecurity) and passive security of infrastructures (Servers, PCs, networks, Internet access, WIFI, Smarphones, …) and applications (Emails, databases, software and others).

safety training

The world of IT security is in perpetual motion. To develop good practices, to improve your skills, or to acquire new techniques, our computer security training courses are designed to meet your needs.

VPN Solutions

Minimize your company’s exposure to hackers, data leaks, and computer attacks. CamerSotfware’s VPN solution interconnects all of your company’s sites on a private network. Nomadic employees benefit from 24-hour remote access from their laptop, smartphone or tablet to the company’s server applications. Isn’t that what transformation is all about.

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We will provide you with a fully working installation of the software, it allows you to get a better feel for what it’s like to use the software. Log in to experience all of many features oofered to easily manage all aspect of your hospital or medical center.

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