Sales Management


Benefits & Features

Benefits of our Sales Management Software

As for specific users

Customer Relation Management (CRM)

  1. Customers and prospects (CRM), marketing automation, e-mailing, questionnaires, social networks
  2. Price lists, quotes, orders, subscriptions, rentals, after-sales service
  3. E-commerce module, physical point of sale module

Simplified invoicing

Our software the creation of quotes as well as the production of invoices as well as for recuring invoicing including reminders. The invoices/quotations created are automatically send to the customer via Emails or WhatsApp messages.


Suppliers, purchase prices, demand and order management, approval workflow, purchase tenders, framework contracts, invoicing control, cost price of materials

Payment speed

Payment by credit card, for example, improves the image of the business. Better customer management; Better management of customer orders;

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